Join the Fight Against Sex Trafficking

Together we can make a difference.
Through education, we are able to learn how to be the eyes and ears in our community so that we can all be a part of the solution.

Become a part of the solution.
It starts with education and that’s what you’ll primarily find throughout this free resource. Dive in to learn about sex trafficking, what signs to look for, what to do when approached with a certain situation, how to talk about it, and so much more.

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Trafficking is a several billion dollar industry, making it the second largest illegal trade in the United States following the drug trade.

So, what if you…
  • Felt equipped and knowledgeable in the topic of sex trafficking?
  • Knew what to do if you were approached with a certain situation?
  • Knew exactly how to talk about sex trafficking with peers in your life to raise awareness and build an educated community?
  • Knew how to talk to your children about sex trafficking?
  • Knew what resources were reliable to seek relevant information?
  • Understood how it happens?
  • Felt empowered through education and were able to make a real difference?

This is exactly what you’ll find within this resource.

Together, We Can Make a Difference

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The Impact We’re Making Together

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“My experience with working side by side with Sarah’s Home was …. empowering. I felt very supported and loved in a very non-judgmental way. The ladies of Sarah’s home were more than willing to put their own lives aside and come together to save not only my beloved daughter but me as well. There is an overwhelming sense of commitment, determination, and abounding love for all of us involved. God’s love and mercy is shown in each one of the ladies working to rescue children. I felt empowered by the wise words of all involved. There were many opportunities for knowledge and many of those were willing to teach me not only about the trafficking of children but how God’s love shines upon us all even when we don’t feel we deserve it. All the women of Sarah’s Home inspired me and motivated me to be a better person. THANK YOU ALL!”



We Can Make a Difference

Join the Fight Against Sex Trafficking iPad Download this free resource today and receive…

  • A full description of what sex trafficking is and how it’s commonly conducted today.
  • An explanation of how to take action, including examples for what to look for in certain situations.
  • A better understanding of how to make a difference, including reputable resources and tips.
  • A description of Sarah’s Home and Daniel Academy and how supporting these organizations can make a difference.
  • Resources that allow you to take action today beyond education.

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